Fujifilm GW690

A few weeks ago I bought a Fujifilm GW690 from Ebay. It arrived a few days ago, and these are some of my first exposures with the camera: 

The three pictures come from the same roll of Kodak Portra 400, which was developed by Aker foto, and scanned with an Epson V500. I also delivered a roll of Ilford HP5+, since I don't currently have the equipment to develop black and white myself. Aker foto has to send the roll away to be developed though, so I don't expect to have it back until the end of next week. 

After seeing the pictures from just this one roll of film, I'm already in love with the camera, despite no light meter and only eight exposures per roll of film. 

Summer 2014

I really should update my blog more often. Alas, I keep forgetting to do so. 

Since the last entry, I've finished my internship in Drammens Tidende.

This is Selma (3) who suffers from cancer. Her family is now collecting money for an activity day for the children in the children's ward at Drammen Hospital.

In early May my class at Oslo University College began working on our month-long project on the Constitution of Norway. I chose to make a portrait of two farmers, which soon can be read and watched at attenfjorten.org

Only a few days after I finished the final edit of the Constitution-video, my friends Gretel and Halvard got married in Mo i Rana. I was there to document it. 

May was also my first proper month as an External Sales Representative for Fujifilm Nordic. In my new job, I travel to six different stores, in the Oslo-region and in the Stavanger-region, to talk about Fujifilm-cameras and teach the employees about the Fuji X-system. 

In June I've mainly been enjoying the summer, while doing some freelance work, and of course visiting "my" stores in Oslo and Stavanger. 

Few sights are more beautiful than the sunrise in Trøndelag: 

Taken with Fujifilm X-T1 and 18-55. 

Tommorrow I'm heading to Træna, on the coast of Helgeland to document Trænafestivalen as a freelancer for Ranablad. I will try my best to remember to update my blog with pictures and videos from the festival.